Fabrication: Classroom

Alternative - step 2In this section, we provide alternative resources for fabrication of Laminar Jamming Structures that could be achieved in an educational setting. Refer first to the documentation in Fabrication: Laboratory for details on the process in a well-resourced laboratory. 

We provide simpler alternatives to two major steps in fabrication:

Alternative to Heat Press/Impulse Sealer


The following materials are necessary for this tutorial:

Alternative Materials

Aluminum Foil                                                      TPE Sheet                                                       Small Iron

Heat Sealing with Iron

Alternative - step 1 Firstly, cut a piece of aluminum foil significantly bigger than the filling material.
Alternative - step 2 Mark the geometry of your filling material with a marker.
Alternative - step 3 Enclose the filling material between two sheets of TPE.
Alternative - step 4

Place the aluminum foil on top of the top layer of TPE and iron the sides of the filling material, being careful to not iron inside the outline.

Alternative - step 5

The temperature of the iron and the time needed to correctly seal the TPE will depend on the iron settings and the type of TPE used. To check if sealing was successful, gently try to separate both layers of TPE after ironing them. If the layers can still be detached, iron the region again for more 5-10 seconds.

Alternative - step 6 Continue ironing every side of the Laminar Jamming Structure. 
Alternative - step 8 After ironing the structure, a sealed strip should be visible in the TPE. Carefully cut extra material and follow the instructions at the Fabrication: Classroom - Impulse Seal and Final Adjustments to connect your tube and prevent leaks from your Laminar Jamming Structure. 

Alternatives to Vacuum Pump

In this page you will find alternatives to applying the vacuum pressure in the Laminar Jamming Structure continuously, instead using portable or simpler ways to create the necessary pressure for jamming. Nevertheless, consider that most alternative devices, as of now, cannot adjust the pressure applied and can lead to performances that are inferior to when the vacuum pressure is applied through industrial vacuum pumps.

Using a Portable Device

Alternative - Vacuum

There are a number of portable vacuum sealing devices that can be used to apply vacuum pressure in your Laminar Jamming Structure. Those can be found in the "kitchen appliances" departments in sites such as Amazon.

Here is a list of such devices:

    DIY Alternatives

    Some tutorials for simple alternatives to vacuum pumps are presented below:

    Vacuum Sealer Life Hack

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