Paradox Robotics

Paradox Robotics is a start-up company based in New York City, focused on exploring the possibilities of soft robotics.  

Based of the Soft Robotics Toolkit's Fluidic Control Board, the Paradox Robotics Fluidic Control Board Kit of Parts can be used to operate and control fluidic soft actuators. Rather than sourcing separate components from numerous vendors, this kit of parts is an all-in-one set, which provides everything necessary to assemble a fluidic control board. The control board allows efficient prototyping of various types of soft robotics actuators in a research lab, industrial, makerspace or school setting.

Paradox Robotics also has a meetup group that discusses research on the rapidly emerging field of soft robotics. They welcome engineers, teachers, makers, students and any type of soft robotics enthusiasts in the New York area. 

To place an order or obtain more information about Paradox Robotics, visit Unfortunately, Paradox Robotics is unable to ship outside the US at this time. 

Please note that Paradox Robotics is not affiliated in any way with the Soft Robotics Toolkit or Harvard University.