Customized gold weight eyelid implantation in paralytic lagophthalmos


N. Jayashankar, K. P. Morwani, M. J. Shaan, S. R. Bhatia, and K. T. Patil, “Customized gold weight eyelid implantation in paralytic lagophthalmos,” The Journal of Larynology and Otology, 2008.

Date Published:

01 March, 2008


Gold eyelid implantation is widely considered the procedure of choice to reanimate the upper eyelid in paralytic lagophthalmos. Commercially supplied implants are not readily available in all places and are sometimes cumbersome to import.

We aimed to devise a method whereby every surgeon performing gold eyelid implantation could have easy and quick access to the implant. Furthermore, we aimed to develop a means of creating an implant of the exact weight required for complete eyelid closure.

A prospective study was performed from 1997 to 2005 in a tertiary research hospital, involving 50 subjects requiring gold upper eyelid implantation and using the technique in question.

Only patients with a minimum follow up of one year were included in the study group. Symptoms improved in 96 per cent of subjects, who were able to dispense with eyedrops and eye ointments. Visual acuity improved in 92 per cent of patients. There were two extrusions amongst the early cases.

Customised gold eyelid implantation offers an alternative in regions where commercial implants are not easily obtained.

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