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Contributions to the Soft Robotics Toolkit allow us to continue our work to create a comprehensive and accessible resource around soft robotics. By hosting this open-source library, researchers and students alike can use the opportunity to promote and share their work within the growing community. Submissions to the site are accepted year-round through contributions from researchers and professionals in the field and through our annual design competition.

Submissions through the  Annual Soft Robotics Design Competitions brings hundreds of applicants yearly, competing for a prize at the college-level and high school categories of participation. Contributing outside the competition allows researchers to submit year round and publish work to an additional platform besides the traditional publication to journal alone. A Prize for Research award is also presented annually to the most significant contribution to the site within that period. 

To submit your work to the site, please select from the following avenues of submission. 


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Contribute to the Soft Robotics Toolkit by submitting your work for review. All submissions are automatically entered into the annual Prize for Research award. Join the annual Soft Robotics Design Competition to compete for a prize and a chance to have your work added to the Toolkit library of soft robotic technologies.
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