Contributing to the Toolkit

The Soft Robotics Toolkit accepts submissions from the community in order to create a curated resource around soft robotics research. With a goal of hosting and sharing the most up to date technologies and enabling greater access within the field, we encourage submissions authored by members of our international research community looking to get involved. Submitting work as a contribution to the Toolkit is a great way to bring attention to one's work and to contribute to open-source resources that can help grow the field.

Submitting work to the Toolkit involves approval via an initial review process after the submission of a work sample. This sample should convey what the project entails, publication(s) associated and images and videos to that shows any additional information.

Upon review, the work sample is either rejected for further refinement or is selected for publication. The figure below outlines the contribution review process. For questions regarding this process please fill out our Toolkit General Contact Form.




Initial Review

contribute_icon_1-01.png   contribute_icon_2-02.png
Original project idea    Relevant published paper 

Idea: An exciting Toolkit tutorial starts with a great idea. A submission can be a device or robotic component in the form of actuators, sensors, pumps, valves, control hardware, etc. that is novel, original and utilizes soft robotics. 

Published Paper: At least one published paper on the subject must be included with the submission to be considered. This paper must be describing the work being considered for submission. If also enrolling in the Prize for Soft Robotics Research Category, the paper must be published by the close of the competition. If in review, the paper can be included in the competition only if the review process is complete by the close of the competition. Please plan ahead to leave additional time for this process.

Submit Work Sample


Submission Review

If the initial work sample is approved the following criteria is completed by the author in order to move on to submission review. This involves creating and editing an online documentation page that can be shared between the author and the editing staff.

contribute_icon_3-03.png   contribute_icon_4-04.png
Documentation or "wiki" page   Images and video of the work

Wiki page: Once the initial review is approved the author must create a detailed online wiki page. This wiki page must describe how the device or component is made, include step-by-step intructions and outline ways in which this technology can be modified to suit different application. For examples and details on the required formatting for the wiki pages please visit our Wiki Page How-To

Media: Images, videos, illustrations, downloadables and other media can help bring attention to the submission when published and help users navigate the tutorial. Images and videos submitted may also be used as promotional images for The Soft Robotics Toolkit and to promote the published work, so it is recommended that all media is high quality, shot in well lit lighting and clearly represent the sections that they accompany. Some examples of successful documentation media, please visit our Wiki Page How-To for examples.