Annual Soft Robotics Design Competition


The annual Design Competition is a chance to showcase exceptional and novel soft robotics technologies and compete against our international community of users for a prize! Winning entries in each category will be published on the Soft Robotics Toolkit, adding to the growing open-source collection of soft robotic components and technologies. 

The competition typically runs from January to June annually. To participate contestants use an online site editing platform to create a wiki page tutorial formatted according to the documentation sets already published on the site. Once the competition closes, each entry will be reviewed by judges who are researchers and professionals in the field and the work will be evaluated for novelty, successful prototyping, and quality of documentation. 

For inspiration and examples to guide your own submission, check out the previous year's competition pages for successful and winning entries. For additional information on wiki page requirements please visit our how-to page: Toolkit wiki page requirements

Participation is divided into one of two categories, listed below.

College Soft Robotics Design Competition: The College Soft Robotics Design Competition is open to hobbyists, designers, and university students. The challenge: design and build an innovative robot or component using tools from the Soft Robotics Toolkit website and successfully create a detailed documentation page of the process.

High School Soft Robotics Design Competition: The High School Soft Robotics Design Competition is open to students, makers, and designers at the high school level. Using any of the materials from the Soft Robotics Toolkit website, this category emphasizes new and exciting ideas for soft robots or components.

Competition registration is now closed. Please check back January 2019 for registration.



Prize for Research Award

Researchers at the masters and dcotoral level are encouraged to submit prior to the close of the comeptition to be considered for the annual Prize for Research award. This category, although not part of the competition, defines the award given to the most significant research contribution published on the site within the last year. To be considered for the prize contributions must be submitted by the close of the design competitions yearly. 

Prize for Contributions in Soft Robotics Research:  Contributions for the Prize for Research can be submitted to the Soft Robotics Toolkit at any time. To qualify, participants must submit original work to the site that has been either published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceeding. Entries should focus on novel soft robotics component technologies in the form of actuators, sensors, pumps, valves, control hardware, etc. To begin an entry please visit the requirements page and submit a work sample for review. 




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