Using the Control Board

Once you have built the board, you can start using it to control your soft fluidic actuators. This section contains some guidelines on using the board. For basic testing of your actuators (e.g. the type of motion they undergo when inflated, checking for leaks) it is probably sufficient to operate the board manually by using the switches and the potentiometer to vary the pressure and open and close the valves. You can also use the Arduino IDE to write some code that will automate the operation of the control board, for example if you want to test the fatigue strength of your actuator or you want to test out some predefined motion sequences. The Basic Control page discusses how to use the board in these ways.

For more advanced control, you can also use the Arduino IDE to write control software. Alternatively, you can use environments such as LabVIEW or Simulink to create the control or data acquisition software to run on the microcontroller. The Advanced Control page discusses some of these options.