Soft Robot Gripper for Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy

This project is to create a gripper/soft robotic hand for people with disabilities to use. Some people are chronically impaired by diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Arthritis makes joints pain when used for basic functions. As a side effect of diabetes, patients have no sensation in their appendages like hands and feet. A gripper like this would help these two types of patients in dealing with their symptoms. 

The background section of this wiki will detail the research needed to make this product in its soft robotics aspect and the sensor aspect. For the soft robotics component, I am using silicone rubber, molded in such a way that when inflated it forms a gripper. For sensors, I am using a temperature and pressure sensor. Also, it will detail the creation of the idea.

The design section will show the design process for the robot and sensors, including the development of the idea. The idea is to help patients with Arthritis and Type II Diabetes, as stated above. 

The fabrication section will include the making of the robot and its prototypes, along with videos of the building process. It will also show issues with prototypes and how they were solved.

The testing section will include the final tests for the robot. These tests are for accuracy of the sensors and for the gripping power of the robot.

Our team is "Beri Good at Robotics." Our team consists of two students from Westford Academy in Westford, Massachusetts, Alekh and Serena Beri. Alekh is part of his local FRC robotics team, and Serena is part of her school's HOSA medical competition club. They combined their two passions to make a robot that also functions as a medical device.



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