Meet the Team

A Picture of the Team


Who Are We?

We are a group of high schoolers (and one middle schooler) from The Haverford School located in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

From Left to Right


Kyle Wagner (Junior) - Kyle is one of the founders of the Soft Robotics Team. He helps out around the lab by fabricating and testing actuators. He is also a member of the Haverford VEX Robotics Team, a writer for Haverford School Newspaper, and plays on the Varsity Soccer Team.


Richard "Cal" Buonocore (Junior) - Cal helps brainstorm applications of the product as well as helps around the lab. Besides Soft Robotics, he is the captain of the Varsity Golf Team and the Varsity Hockey Team.


Xavier Segal (Junior) - Xavi is one of the founders of the Soft Robotics Team. He spends most of his time designing experiments but is also involved in all aspects of the project. Outside of Soft Robotics, Xavi is the captain of Varsity Debate Team, president of the Sustainability Alliance and a member of the Golf Team.


Matthew Baumholtz (Junior) - Matthew is one of the founders of the Soft Robotics Team. He is a co-lead on documentation and is frequently helping out around the lab and is involved with all aspects of the project. Other than Soft Robotics, Matt plays Varsity Water Polo and is a member of the Varsity Debate Team.


Aditya Sardesai (Freshman) - Aditya is one of the founders of the Soft Robotics Team. On the team he runs the testing/data analysis, works on the wiki, and helps around the lab. Other than Soft Robotics, he competes competitively on the Haverford Robotics Team. He also writes for the school newspaper and math and science journal.


Ruhao "Henry" Sun (Sophomore) - Henry helps out around the Soft Robotics lab. He also plays soccer, and is the manager of the basketball team.

Not Pictured:

Bram Schork (7th Grader) - Bram created the fluidic control board to attempt to make the multigate actuator work. Bram is a fan of arduino and has won several science competitions in the Philadelphia area. He is also a member of the middle school robotics team.

Yiheng "Intel" Chen (Sophomore)- Intel filmed the videos. Intel is also an avid member of the VEX Robotics Team at Haverford. In his free time Intel enjoys photography and has had many of his photographs published in various publications.

Team at work

We would like to thank:

Ms. Golecki for helping us through every step of this project and sparking our interest in soft robotics

Mr. Trocano for the help, guidance, and advice during this project and for letting us use the Chemistry Lab

Dr. Li for helping us to file a provisional patent

Thank you also to:

Ms. Lambour, Ms. Turlish, and Dr. Fenton for bringing your sons to see the candy actuators

Ms. Snyder for letting us work in the Upper School Library

Mr. Maley for guidance, helping us with ideas, and advice throughout this project

Mr. Stambaugh and Chris Williams '17 for reviewing the rough draft of the wiki and suggesting edits

Graham Haabestad,  Will Baltrus, and David McKay for the help.

Soft Robotics Only Actuations