Bill of Materials


1. Syringe actuation

  • Syringe (60ml)
  • PVC tubing (ID/OD 1.5/3mm)

2. Arduino control

  • PVC tubing (ID/OD 1.5/3mm)
  • AA battery pack (that will hold four AA batteries)
  • 4x AA batteries
  • 2x Low-noise DC pump (Mitsumi R-14 A213 370 DC 6V)
  • 2x Solenoid valve (Fa0520D normally closed 6V)
  • 2x Y connector pieces for tubing 
  • Motor shield for Arduino
  • Arduino Uno microcontroller
  • Computer for programming the Arduino
  • USB cable to connect the Arduino to the computer


  • Bamboo skewer
  • Cigarette lighter