Flexible, Stretchable Tactile Arrays From MEMS Barometers


L. P. Jentoft, Y. Tenzer, D. Vogt, J. Liu, R. J. Wood, and R. D. Howe, “Flexible, Stretchable Tactile Arrays From MEMS Barometers,” in The 16th International Conference on Advanced Robotics, 2013.


Many applications for tactile sensors require a flexible, stretchable array to allow installation on curved surfaces or to measure forces on deformable objects. This paper presents a sensor array created with barometers and flexible printed circuit boards that delivers high sensitivity on a flexible, stretchable package using commercial off-the-shelf  COTS) components: MEMS barometers and commercially-compatible flexible printed circuit boards. The array is demonstrated on the surface of a jamming gripper, where it provides the ability to sense grasping events and detect object shape.

Last updated on 07/03/2014