The braid is constructed by weaving wire over a 3D-printed template. The template is designed to make actuators that have a 20 degree winding angle when surrounding a tube with a 3/8" outer diameter. The template is designed so that the braid length can be varied in multiples of 10 cm (10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm etc.). The actuator we present here is designed to work with a 30 cm braid.

Bill of Materials

Quantity Unit (ea,pkg,ct) Item# Description Unit Price Link
100 ft Daburn 2671/22 Black 22 AWG Ultra Flexible Wire $1.68 Link
>1 ft McMaster 5236K512 Very Soft Silicone Tubing (3 psi rating) $1.44 Link
1 pkg McMaster 9579K65 Hose Clamps $8.43 Link
1 pkg McMaster 5463K578 Barbed End-Fitting $5.37 Link
1 pkg

McMaster 5463K578

Washers to Loop Wires over $8.79 Link
1 ea

McMaster 97015k77

1/2" Diameter Dowel for 3D-Printed Template $2.67 Link
6 pcs -- Big Piece from 3D-Printed Template -- --
6 pcs -- Little Piece from 3D-Printed Template -- --
Miscelaneous Scotch tape, Super glue, Large zip ties
Tools Pliers, Small flat-head screw driver