Examples & Features of the SoftRobots Plugin

The virtual machine image we are providing contains a set of examples demonstrating different aspects of the SoftRobot plugin as well as more complete soft robots modeled. 



The soft gripper is a simple grasper made of three deformables fingers. This example contains the modeling and the corresponding interactive simulation of the gripper as well as its interaction with an object and its environment. In this scene you are able to control the grasping actuator and the location of the soft gripper. 


The diamond robot is a robot made of silicone and actuated with four cables. In this scene, we are able to interactively control the end-effector (top of the robot) position. The scene can be connected to a physical robot through the use of an Arduino board.



The soft gripper robot is composed of three fingers made of an elastic material and actuated with cables. In this scene, we demonstrate that it is possible to interactively manipulate the robot by specifying the fingertips positions.

In this scene, we demonstrate how to use the CableConstraint to deform an elastic structure. The cable can be interactively pulled or released.


In this scene, we demonstrate the interactive manipulation of a robot made of an elastic material by directly specifying the target position of its effector.


The scene simulates a pressure constraint on a cavity in the bunny body.

Please note that in order to compute forces on vertices given a pressure, one needs to have the area where the pressure is applied. Therefore, this scene requires to load the surface model of the cavity.

The scene simulates a pressure constraint on a cavity in the bunny body. The pressure can be interactively increased or decreased.


StanfordBunny simulation with pneumatic and cable actuation.


In this scene, we model and simulate the PneuNets Bending Actuators developed by the  Whitesides Research Group at Harvard