Bill of Materials

This section will give a list of items that are used in this project with selected links to suppliers. You can download a more detailed Bill of Materials sheet here

Note: Many of the items listed are just examples and you can use your own discretion to substitute parts which are easier or cheaper to obtain. 

Major Components

Miniature Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump

Pressure Sensor (x4)

  • Vendor link
  • Data sheet
  • Operation: pressure causes diaphragm to deflect, and deflection is measured by piezoresistor

Solenoid Valve (x4)


Power MOSFETs: 4 Opto-Isolated Power FET Switches 


Arduino MEGA

Power Regulator (x2)

Toggle Switch (x6)

For part and vendor information not show on this page refer to the Control Board Bill of Materials excel file. This excel can be downloaded here.


These parts simply hold the above components in place. Use a laser cutter (make sure you are trained first!) to cut these pieces out of acrylic sheets. We use 3mm acrylic for all parts except the base board (6mm acrylic). Cut 2 copies of the base board. Download the .dxf files for cutting here.

Output ports Manifold
Arduino MEGA Switches
MOSFETs Base board (12"x12" / 300mmx300mm)

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