Bill of Materials

This section will give a list of items that are used in this project with selected links to suppliers. You can download a more detailed Bill of Materials sheet here.

Note: Many of the items listed are just examples and you can use your own discretion to substitute parts which are easier or cheaper to obtain. 


Chamber Mold (top and bottom parts)

Bottom Layer Mold

Click here to download the .stl files for these molds. You can then use a 3D printer to create the molds.

If you would like to modify the molds, click here to download the SolidWorks solid models.


Piece of office paper, cut to fit bottom mold

Elastosil M4601 2-part silicone rubber*

Vendor Link

Pneumatic tubing/hose.
We usually use tubing
with an outer diameter of 1/8"

Vendor Link

*Alternative: Dragon Skin 30 has similar material properties to Elastosil M4601 and can be substituted here. See the Design section for a discussion of other materials options.


Lab gloves Thin (2-3mm) rod for piercing hole for tubing Syringe (or air pump) to inflate the actuator



Vacuum chamber Lab oven (set to 65°C) Mass scale
Mixing cups Centrifugal mixer  
PneuNet Molds .STL Files (.zip)27 KB
PneuNet Molds SolidWorks Files (.zip)729 KB
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