Sample EV3 Program

Included is a sample program to copy into EV3 programs.  The example program below brings the pneumatic actuator to 20psi and maintaining that pressure.  Once the desired pressure is hit, the motors shutdown.  If the pressure decreases below the threshold, the motors will kick on again to repressurize it.EV3 program for pneumatic actuators

Extending the Program

The program (attached below or click the above image) can be included in typical EV3 programs.  Copy the blocks into your own EV3 program and trigger the pressurizing and depressurizing using other normal EV3 sensors or a timer.  Perfect for making hybrid robots!  If you use different motor setups, the program will have to be adjusted slightly by adding/removing the motor blocks.  The 1 second timer in the beginning is probably not necessary when extending the program.  It is included in our example because the pressure sensor takes a tiny bit of time to initialize.

Measuring Pressure

The file also includes a second program for measuring the pressure.  This is useful for testing out the actuators and seeing what pressure level is necessary without all the overhead of the fully configured program.

pneumaticsoftrobotics.ev3_.zip7 KB