EGaIn Sensors

These sensors use liquid metal (eutectic Indium Gallium alloy, a.k.a. EGaIn) inside flexible microchannels. When stretched, the geometry of the channels changes resulting in a change of resistance. By measuring the change in resistance it is possible to calculate the strain (or amount of stretching).

This documentation set contains files and instructions to support the designfabrication, ...

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Fabric-Reinforced Controlled Motion Robot - FRCMR

Soft robots are robots comprised entirely or partially out of soft materials. Their soft nature provides these robots with unique qualities such as the ability to yield when pressed against a hard surface as well as protections against blunt trauma. Soft robots are not only more gentle, but also can bend and contort to a degree that rigid robots simply can not.

My ultimate goal is to have a robot that can be used in real world situations and environments.  In order to be...

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Fabrication Guides

The soft robotics fabrication guides are educational tools to be used for the instruction of soft robotics within the classroom, extracurricular clubs and within workshops. These guides detail the fabrication process for each activity listed and are designed to be constructed with simple household and off-the-shelf materials such as cardboard, hot glue and packing tape.

Click on the links below to download templates, instructional booklets and detailed lists of materials and vendors to source supplies. 

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FeTCh Mark 1 Manipulator


The objective of this project is the design and implementation of a soft manipulator robot based on hybrid actuation capable of interacting with delicate objects and with the ability to team up with humans with safety due to non-hazardous contacts. Due to the actuation system used in the design associated with a new control approach, simultaneous stiffness and position control is achieved in the manipulator.



In the next section, you can find information related to the motivation and inspiration...

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Foam-based Soft Actuators

Foam actuators are a type of soft actuator that were originally developed in the Organic Robotics Lab at Cornell University. They are composed of an open-celled elastomer foam which is sealed with a nonporous elastomer.

The main advantage of these actuators is that they can easily be cast, cut, and even sculpted into 3D shapes, allowing simple fabrication of 3D soft machines. Examples of foam shapes are shown in the figure below....

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This section contains supplementary information that is generally relevant to soft robotics and applies to multiple different actuators/sensors. This information is intended to be particularly helpful to beginning users.

Hot Glue Kit

Hot-Glue-Kit is a soft robotics toolkit developed in the Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory which aims to enable the construction, actuation, control and simulation of functional soft robots easily in a very short time. Fast prototyping and easy actuation control helps the users to build their first soft robot designs, observe and analyze their behavior quickly so that they can understand and improve their robots. This kit speeds up the robot...
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HPN Manipulator

Honeycomb Pneumatic Networks (HPN) is a novel structure combining honeycomb shape skeleton with a pneumatic network, which can provide stable shapes, relatively large load bearing capacity, quick response and benignity to it's environment. This work is currently being developed by Multi-Agent System Lab in USTC. If you are interested in our work, please contact us for more information.


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InflatiBits - A Modular Soft Robotic Construction Toy

InflatiBits is a modular construction toy that enables playful construction and exploration of pneumatically actuated kinematic systems. The set contains different building blocks based on soft robotics principles such as soft inflatable air-chambers, constraining elements, air-connectors, pressure sources, and sensor modules. The elements can be combined and actuated manually or through an optional Arduino-based control board. The board contains a motorized air-pump, solenoid valves and allows for connecting the sensor module to achieve more complex behaviors and motion patterns. The...

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Like human hands, grippers enable robots to grasp, hold and manipulate various objects. Many times, grippers are customized to a specific tasks or purpose. For example, soft grippers are frequently utilized to handle delicate objects and are designed with soft, flexible or compliant materials in order to create a gentle touch.

The grippers proposed in this guide are designed to be assembled as a supplementary activity following the ...

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