Design and Development of a Hand Gesture Controlled Soft Robot Manipulator

WHO (World Health Organization) Ebola Road Map statistics (Published in 28th August 2014) reflects our current capacity of safely handling an unknown epidemic situation. It shows that we should still work on developing much sophisticated technologies to reduce death counts in epidemic situations. One attempt of reducing the deaths of medical sector workers will be the Design and Development of a Hand Gesture Controlled Soft Robot Manipulator. This will be helping the medical sector workers to gain access in to an unfamiliar situation remotely and handle it carefully using their hand gestures.

The project is introduced in this section together with an explanation of our currently used technology and what we are going to develop, along with our project’s main objectives. The design section illustrates the overall design of the project and its mechanism. Fabrication section elaborates how the system is fabricated including the 3D printing of the mold, fabricating of elastomer based gripping mechanism and development of the gesture controlling with the robot manipulator. Testing section shows the output of the project and discusses about the drawbacks and future improvements for this project as an ongoing research.