Soft Robotics for the Hobby Roboticist


The basis for this project is the robotic hand article Andrew Terranova contributed to the Manual section of Popular Science magazine, based on the techniques outlined in Harvard's Soft Robotics Toolkit. 

Soft robotic hand and control board

The goal of this robotic hand project is to make soft robotics accessible to the hobby roboticist. Some of the tools, materials and techniques included in the soft robotics toolkit may be somewhat challenging or expensive for a hobbyist. This project aims to use simpler techniques, common tools and less expensive material whenever possible.

The video below demonstrates the performance of the hand and the control board.


Engineer and freelance writer, Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova is a program manager, electrical engineer and an electronics and robotics hobbyist. He is an active member and supporter of the Let's Make Robots community.

Andrew is also a freelance writer. In addition to the Popular Science article for the robotic hand project, he has worked as a contributing editor for Make:, contributing several articles to the print edition of Make: Magazine and numerous posts and projects to their blog.