Hand Fabrication

Detailed steps to fabricate the hand are below, but can also be found on the Popular Science website.


  • 1x6-inch board or other support material
  • 1/4-inch O.D. vinyl hose
  • Tape


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Drill and drill bits


  1. Use hot glue to firmly attach each finger to the end of the 1x6-inch board or other support (the prototype used a plastic toy gauntlet) to form a hand. (see picture)
  2. Attach a length of 1/4-inch O.D. vinyl hose to the open hose barb on each finger. 
  3. Secure the hoses to the board or other support using tape, or drill holes to allow the PVC tubing to be routed.
  4. Now the hand is complete, but it still needs a control system. Follow the instructions for the Control Board Fabrication.