Pneumatic Deformation Sensors

Pneumatic Deformation Sensors (PDS's) are a new type of soft sensor designed for use with soft robots. The sensors are intended to provide feedback on how they deform, hence them being deformation sensors. They can be fitted and utilized in many soft robotic actuators, such as the actuators on the Soft Robotics Toolkit.

The Background section will discuss the need for feedback sensors and how Pneumatic Deformation Sensors work.

The Design section will go over the specifics of a PDS, including a diagram and how to design a PDS for a soft robot or soft robotic actuator.

The Fabrication section will instruct how to build the basic pre-designed version of a PDS. This includes a Bill of Materials, a list of needed tools, and a step-by-step instructions for the building of the sensor and the assembly of the electronics with detailed pictures.

The Testing section will analyze the effectiveness of PDS's, with included graphs and data tables.