The electronics for a Pneumatic Deformation Sensor consists of the MPS20N0040D-D pressure sensor, the LM358 dual Op-Amp, and an Arduino microcontroller. There are two versions of the electronics, a version built on a breadboard with an Arduino Uno, and a version that is soldered to a perfboard with an Arduino Micro. The breadboard version is easier and quicker to build while the soldered version takes longer, requires more electronics skills, but is recommended for doing any serious work with PDS's. Both versions can be powered via USB. The diagrams and schematics for both systems along with the datasheets for the MPS20N0040D-D and the LM358 can be found on the Downloads page. The Bill of Materials and instructions for both versions can be found in the Fabrication section.

NOTE: The breadboard version of the electronics in this guide is shown with the Arduino and the breadboard attached via a case. This is not required.