Case Study

To demonstrate the potential for the textile-silicone hybrid sensors to be used in human motion tracking applications, they were integrated into a glove for hand motion tracking (A. Atalay et al. 2017). With a limited surface area on the fingers the lower profile of the senor allowed for easy integration with the small surface area of the glove fingers. The sensors were mounted to the glove using Ecoflex 00-30 as an adhesive and micro coaxial cables were attached to the finger-sized sensors and connected to the non-stretch areas of the glove for a more robust connection.


These non-stretch areas were not part of strain measured and constructed only to provide anchoring points for the sensors to be attached to. Sensors placed across these joints were recording strain levels while the hand performed various movements.


The figure below depicts signal change recorded during flexion. The capacitance change for each finger was plotted after being recorded in real-time and utilized SSM-02-13 StretchSense sensor modules with Bluetooth capabilities. 

finger-move2.gif case_study_image3-01.png