Assembling the Board

In order to assemble board, you would require some basic tools such as a cable crimper to strip off the insulation from the wire so that it can be used to connect components on the breadboard. You would also require some jumper wires or single core cables for connection to the solderless breadboard. A Power Supply Unit that can supply 9 - 12V DC and at least 800mA of current is essential. Rechargeable batteries or AC-DC Power adapters can be used as power supply.

You would also require a soldering iron and some solder to join two wires together. This will be done for the pumps and valves. Usually the pump does not come with wires so you have to solder wires to the pump. For the solenoid valves, you might want to extend the wires in order to suit your design hence the need for soldering. Also you would have to solder wires to the voltage regulator so that it can be easily connected to the breadboard.