The following sections include instructions for fabrication for both gripper designs. The step-by-step instructions are provided on the subsequent pages.


Electronic Gripper:

A detailed Bill of Materials is included in the Downloads page listing specific part numbers, quantity, suppliers and cost. Please note: some materials can be substituted for cheaper or more widely available version at your own discretion. Some of the materials are also called for in the SDM finger activity and can be reused used for this activity.

The Downloads link below also includes templates to build the angled cardboard stands for the fingers and the code file that will be uploaded to the Arduino microcontroller to control the circuit.


Manual Gripper:

This version of the gripper is also significantly cheaper per unit than the electronic gripper requiring only household materials such as a hollow tube (cardboard or plastic), crafts string and zip-ties.

The Bill of Materials for this version of the gripper is also located within the Downloads page.