This section, divided into the following three parts, introduces a method to fabricate the actuation system.

  • Machining and Printing Parts
    Introduces some machining methods to make custom parts for the pump
  • Assembly of the Pump
    Introduces the way of assembly of the pump step by step 
  • Assembly of the System
    Introduces the way of assembly of McKibben actuators and connecting components.

Bill of Materials

We provide here a BOM for the pump. Most of the parts were purchased through Japanese online stores. You can replace unavailable parts with equivalent parts that you can buy.


Parts Manufacturer's number
or specification
Material Qty
DC motor Maxon DC motor 273752 1
Rotary encoder CUI AMT103 1
Oil seal mounting Milling POM 7mm 1
O-ring NOK 1A S-20 1
Oil seal NOK SC6167 1
Low profile cap screw M2.5x6mm 6
Motor mounting Milling POM 15mm 1
M2.5 insert screw Ensat 302 000 025 5
M3 insert screw Ensat 302 000 030 2
Cover side plate Wire EDM Oil-less slide plate 2.5mm 1
Rotor casing Milling Aluminium 1
O-ring NOK 1A S29 1
Shim ring Wire EDM Stainless steel 1mm 1
Bottom slide plate Wire EDM Oil-less slide plate 2.5mm 1
Thin bearing NMB DDA-2520 2
Outer rotor EDM Stainless steel 9.5mm 1
Inner rotor EDM Stainless steel 9.5mm 1
Stainless steel spacer Hirosugi CU-2616PH  3
Stainless steel cap screw M2.5x20mm 2
Outlet casing 3D printing Nylon 1
Tube fitting (inner hex, straight type) PISCO POC8-01 2
Fitting (plug type) PISCO SLP-M5  1
Fitting (barb straight type) PISCO SLC-0640-M5 1
O-ring NOK 1A SS-145 2
Stainless steel cap screw M2.5x25mm 3
Braided outer mesh Lay flat width: 12mm 1
Silicone tube

Outside diameter: 10mm
Internal diameter: 8mm

Tube fittings (Unequal plug-in, straight) PISCO PGJ10-8  1
Tube fittings (Unequal plug-in, straight) PISCO PGJ10-6 1
Plastic hose clamps  Hellermann Tyton SNP-6  2
Cable ties 4
Tube fitting (Cap type) PISCO PPF6 1

Tools and Consumable

Other than the previous list, the following tools will be needed.

  • Silicone oil
  • Denatured alcohol
  • M5 tap
  • Rc 1/8 (short type) tap


  • CNC milling machine 
  • Wire EDM