Fabrication of the manipulator occurs in three distinct steps, each detailed in one of the following pages:

1. Design and 3D print the mold for the manipulator

2. Coil and anneal the artificial muscles

3. Pour the mold and embed the muscles

The required materials are listed below:

- Ecoflex™ 00-10 silicone, parts A and B

- Silver-coated nylon thread, at least 2 m length

- 12V DC motor

- DC power supply (capable of at least 12V and 2A)

- Brass weights

- Metal clamp stand (shown in muscle coiling section)

- Binder clips (at least 4)

- Thin carbon fiber rods, no larger than 1 mm in diameter

- Oven capable of 150°C

- ABS plastic filament and access to 3D printing

- Measuring cup and mixing tools (such as spoons)

- Various common tools (can be helpful: e.g. a flathead screwdriver for removal from mold)