Step 2: Casting and Cutting the Bottom Part

The bending actuators have strain limiting bottoms. These are made from Ecoflex 0030/0050 covered fabric and attached with a fresh batch of Ecoflex 0030/0050 acting as glue.

Casting Silicone Coated Fabric

  • Place a piece of fabric on a flat non-absorbent surface
  • Mix a batch of Ecoflex
  • Pour a small amount of uncured Ecoflex onto the fabric surface
  • Used a gloved finger to smear the uncured silicone so that it covers the surface with a layer of silicone that is approximately 1 mm thick
  • Allow the silicone 4 hours to cure at room temperature


Cutting Bottom Part

  • Place the cured silicone-coated fabric on a flat surface
  • Measure out an appropriate sized piece by placing the actuator top parts on top of it
  • Cut the piece with a pair of scissors