Step 4: Mesh


Double click on Parts->Merged_Actuator, then double click on Parts->Merged_Actuator->Mesh.

Go to Mesh->Controls. Select ‘tet’ as the element shape and click OK.

Go to Mesh->Element Type. Select ‘Quadratic’ as the Geometric Order, and under the Tet tab, check the box for ‘Hybrid formulation’.

Go to Seed->Part, and choose 2.0 as the ‘Approximate global size’. The appropriate size to enter here depends on the size and geometry of the part being modeled, and the amount of deformation it undergoes.

Go to Mesh->Part, and click Yes to confirm it’s ok to mesh the part.

Under fibers in the model tree, double click on Mesh. Go to Mesh->Element Type. In the ‘Element Type’ dialog box, choose quadratic beam elements (B32) and click OK.

Go to Seed->Part, enter 1.0 as the ‘Approximate global size’, and click OK.

Finally, go to Mesh->Part to mesh the fibers.