This section contains detailed step-by-step instructions for making a HPN manipulator. As explained in previous sections, the HPN manipulator consists of two parts: the main body consisting of 5 segments of honeycomb structure which were designed with different parameters, and pneumatic networks containing a mass of air chambers arranged regularly. The two parts are fabricated separately and then assembled together.

Process overview 



The fabrication method of the honeycomb structure was accomplised with the technology of 3D-printing, however, limited by the work space of 3D printer, the honeycomb structure of HPN manipulator was divided into 2 parts, each part was printed individually.

The material we used to print is PolyFlex which is a kind of TPU that has good features of highly flexibility and a large strain-to-failure, is easy to be print by almost all desktop FDM/FFF printers.




Pneumatic networks are fabricated manually. With the help of bag sealer machine, we can put Air Column Bag into pneumatic network.




When finished with the fabrication of honeycomb structure and pneumatic networks, we can assemble them together easily. This is a single segment of HPN manipulator which consist of one segment of honeycomb structure and 4 pneumatic networks.

When inflated with different pressure, the manipulator can deform in different directions as well as enlongate.